Sunday, February 4, 2024

A Free Read! Wedlocked, A Dark Mafia Romance


For those of you not in KU Wedlocked is FREE for the next couple of days! I seriously love this story and characters and I'm excited to share the love around!  

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Marry the Don, Ethan Agostino…or be killed.



That was the choice given to me after I was caught snooping at Ethan’s family home under the guise of one of his party guests. I might have been dumb enough to think I could glean information from him to take back to my family—his mobster rivals—but I’m not completely brain-dead. I’ll marry the sadistic bastard and hope I’ll live to regret my decision.



I can’t believe I’m marrying a woman who is a direct threat to my criminal kingdom. Not only is her family my rivals, they became my bitter enemy when they murdered my older brother. But then our rivalry goes way back. Little wonder my father wants her dead. Except there is something about her that thaws my frozen heart. I’ll keep her as my wife for as long as my fascination holds me in its grip, then I’ll discard her. And I will…eventually. Because if I don’t and my feelings for her grow, someone else will use her against me and kill her anyway.

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