Thursday, December 10, 2009

Average Reviews

The last two book reviews on Stone-Cold Lover have made me realise how differently readers react to my book, how some really 'get' my writing and other's obviously don't. Of course as a writer it would be unrealistic to imagine 5 star plus ratings with every book - though it'd be nice! I'm just glad past writing comps with various positive and negative judges comments have seen me develop a thick skin, where I can shrug off comments - learn from them too - and get on with my writing.
Here's the latest reviews:

Bitten by Books

Cray Diamond has spent nearly a century with a curse that makes him turn to stone when the sun rises. With the curse comes a job of protection. He must protect a person until he is released and moves to the next person.

Loretta Shaw is a spoiled rich girl that pretty much gets whatever she wants by behaving outrageously. She has a body guard with her always.

For the last three years, Cray has been watching over Loretta. He has watched her sleep with man after man but has promised to protect her. Her father has hired him to protect Loretta and he takes the job seriously. Loretta has wanted Cray since she first met him, but Cray won’t sleep with his clients - ever. So to get back at Cray, Loretta sleeps with as many men as she can to get him out of her system.

Stone Cold Lover by Mel Tescho was a book that promised an interesting storyline but, in the end, failed to deliver. Loretta came across as a spoiled brat. Cray came across as a man that wanted to do right by her because of a promise to her father. I didn’t feel a connection between Cray and Loretta. I liked Cray because you understand him through the story and why he is what he is. You don’t get that chance with Loretta, and she just comes off as shallow.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
3 1/2 stars

For over a hundred years Cray has been cursed to live as a Gargoyle, stone by day and shifting monster by night. He is compelled to protect. Over the years he has learned to not let his charges get too close. But for the last three years he has been forced to watch as Loretta chews through men, going from one bed to the next, as his body and mind burn for her. Loretta has been called the brat heiress; she always gets what she wants and what she wants is Cray.

Stone Cold Lover is a fun, fast paced, seductive read with characters that will endear themselves to the reader. I like how Loretta goes after what she wants and doesn't apologize for anything. Rather than come off as a knock off Paris Hilton, she is more of a strong, independent, sexual woman. She is a great match for Cray, who is just as determined and very much an alpha. I wish I has someone like him to come to my rescue. I was never really sure how a relationship between the two of them would work out until the end. The sex between the two of them was earthy and hot but it was also too short and rushed. Quickies are great, but there is a point where the author can take it too far. There are also a few aspects of the characters that are mentioned but go unexplained, leaving me thinking, “Huh? What” I think that if Ms. Teshco fleshed out these parts a little bit it would make a more cohesive overall storyline. In here the good balances out the bad making for an enjoyable read. In the end, I believe that most readers will find Stone Cold Lover to be an easy, uncomplicated read that is easy to get into and enjoy.


Laurann Dohner said...

Hi Mel. I really enjoyed your book (I read it). There are always going to be some not so great comments in reviews. (I know this personally...LOL) I learned from mine, made mental notes on what readers didn't like, and it's all you can do.

Mel Teshco said...

Hey Laurann,
thanks for reading my book =)
Yes, not everyone is going to love what we write, it's just the way it is - but I can definately learn something from each negative, so it's not a bad thing =)

Christina Phillips said...

Mel, I got one review for Demon that was so awful I laughed, since I had to wonder how the reviewer knew how the story ended but had thrown the book across the room half way through? lol. I hope the e-reader didn't break *snort* And yet on the same day I got a glowing review from another site for the same book. This is a crazy business!! And I loved Cray and Loretta! ((Hugs))

Mel Teshco said...

Oh Christina!
Isn't it amazing how different reviewers rate our books!? I guess it's not so bad when the good ones balance out any bad ones =)
Thanks for loving my characters (huggles!)
And LOL on the e-reader!!!

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Mel --
If there is one thing that is guaranteed in this business, it's that you can't keep everyone happy. But at least you left the majority of us happy!

Mel Teshco said...

Anna, good point!
I'm glad most are happy =)

Cathryn Brunet said...

Great attitude, Mel!

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Cathryn!
It's nice to share the ups and downs with other writers and readers. It's not all rainbows! =)

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