Monday, December 14, 2009

Writing Update

Well the revisions for the Noc Bites story (Her Dark Lord) are done and sent off. I'm happy I found another 2 or 3K to add to the story, giving more depth to the hero, which is what my editor mostly wanted to increase the word count. Just a wait now to see if the edits are all A-okay (and make sense!! lol)
In the meantime I'm waiting to hear back about my Ellora's Cave short, Kallie Revealed - the contract should be all processed soon.
I also have Believe notes to untangle and decipher, and type out, setting up to a love scene which will may well be a bit controversial but I think tender and beautiful =)
Ice Cold Lover is waiting to be finished. Done most of this but want to finish it off in rough draft form so it's ready - hopefully, to go in January!
I've typed up a rough draft of either a free short for Ellora's Cave or perhaps a short story, depending on how it all comes together. (more about this later - but it'll be a 'cougar' type contemporary story ie: older woman, younger man). This story is the first I've ever had that was plotted from start to finish. (admittedly all in my head while lazing in the tub)
I have some ideas brewing for a werewolf story to submit to Nocturne Bites - or perhaps a shifter, not sure which direction I'll go yet (I'll blame Anna Hackett for making me indecisive on the werewolf/shapeshifter theme LOL!!) The heroine in this is emotionally scarred... sigh!
Lastly, Shadow Hunter, which I've had sitting around for so so long, featuring vampires and shapeshifters, is still lurking in my mind. So many directions this book could go with some adjustments - Nocturne asked to see it some time ago, so I may resubmit at some stage. or with some added sex scenes it could go to Ellora's. Then again, I think it could be a single title with some work...


Becca J. Heath said...

So, not much on then?
Sounds like you'll be busy!

Mel Teshco said...

Not much at all, Bec. LOL!
No more than you though I'm betting =)

Laurann Dohner said...

You have your plate full. Write, write, write Mel! (Me cheerleading...LOL)

Mel Teshco said...

Like the cheers Laurann =)
how goes it with your three books!!?

Christina Phillips said...

OMG Mel, I got exhausted just reading about everything you've got on your writing plate at the moment!!! Fingers crossed your editor loves your Nocturne revisions (I know she will!!)

Mel Teshco said...

LOL Christina! I got exhausted too when I read back through it. It sounds like I'm really productive, but sadly, I'm not!

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