Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Win a Book Pack!!

Leah Ashton is the newest CATegory author to join the LoveCats DownUnder blog, and we're throwing a welcome party to celebrate. Come on over and say hello to be in the draw for this book pack giveaway:

  • Robyn Grady - Amnesia Ex: Unforgettable Vows
  • Sharon Archer - TBA
  • Zana Bell - Tempting the Negotiator
  • Michelle Douglas - Christmas at Candlebark Farm
  • Emily May - Beauty and the Scarred Hero
  • Nikki Logan - Friends to Forever
  • Sue Mackay - Playboy Doctor to Doting Dad
  • Natalie Anderson - Walk on the Wild Side
  • Rachel Bailey - Million-Dollar Amnesia Scandal
  • Mel Teshco - Moon Thrall (ebook)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter with lots of calorie laden chocolate eggs/bunnies/bilbies. To me Easter is about spending time with family. Barbecues, overindulging in food and drinks, having nice weather and lots of laughs is the order of the day =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old School V's New School

I'm over at the Lovecats today talking about libraries, the good and the bad with our ever changing society. Come say hello!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I wanted to say hi to a couple of ex-work mates, Maria and Bridget. We've moved onto bigger and better things now (g) since our wonderful packing days, but we still have a great laugh at each others expense, our dry sarcasm only sometimes rubbing each other up the wrong way LOL!!
In fact, I think it's time for another cocktail party ladies....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another ebook up for grabs!

I'm guest posting over at the wonderful, Karen Michelle Nutt's blog, answering some questions about my latest release MOON THRALL and giving away a copy to one commentator. Would love to see you there!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scent of a Man

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Maree Anderson's latest e-book SCENT OF A MAN, which was the first time I'd read her work. It was seriously good, just loved the world building, the characters and the author's voice. I did a review for her and thought it'd be cool to post here as well...

Joseph Godwin is an Anglian noble, born and raised into a society that oppresses its women. All well and good—until Joseph discovers the day he dreamed of losing his virginity and becoming a man—becomes his worst nightmare.
Turns out he’s a Scentinal, the scourge of the earth; the spawn of the devil according to Anglian law. His very scent sees the chastest of women become depraved and shameless hussies who lust after him without restraint.
His father, Lord Godwin, is a cruel and vicious oppressor who turns on his only son when he finds out Joseph’s fĂȘted coming of age reveals his true Scentinal colours.
Only Liliana, a Null—a one-of-a-kind woman who renders his scent void in close proximity—is able to save him. She is a gifted warrior, but a pawn to the empress Vashti, who sends Liliana on a mission to bring back Joseph for her own nefarious schemes.
Maree Anderson writes a riveting, original tale of lust and betrayal, love and redemption. SCENT OF A MAN is an erotic, fast paced story that is beautifully written, the characters all too believable.
I highly recommend it =)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Top Pick Review

Ecstatic to get another review and a top pick from Night Owl Reviews! Thanks Angibabi4 for enjoying  MOON THRALL =)

Here is what she had to say: 

I never expected to get so much enjoyment out of a short story, but this one was great. I had a fun romp in Australia with Elyse and Dane.
Elyse leaves behind an abusive relationship by escaping to a rustic cabin in the wilds of Australia.
Once there she makes a journey of self-discovery, love, and inner strength. Dane has waited for her his whole life. Elyse comes to him with a passion and love that he never thought he would find. During her journey of self-discovery, Elyse becomes his perfect mate in every way.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moon Thrall: review

Thanks to Laurie from Coffee Times Romance for her 4 cups review on MOON THRALL. Here is a little of what she thought:

I admit, I love stories set in Australia. Add a paranormal element, and I am a fan. This novella kept me rapidly reading from the first page to the last sentence. It flows smoothly while being fast-paced. Caleb, particularly, stood out for me. He is a character I loved to hate. This book is the first I have read by this author and I look forward to reading more. Ms. Teshco seems to have a knack for stringing just the right words together so that an indelible image is seared into the mind of the reader - a wonderful gift.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thelma & Louise

I watched Thelma and Louise last night, and was reminded once again why I love this movie. It's not just the amazingly un-happily ever after ending, (depending on your perspective) it's the quiet times where you can see them each reflect the changes that have happened to them, the realization there is no going back for either one of them, even if it were possible. 
It really is an emotional journey, a personal growth that is so inappropriate on so many levels but so so plausible you can't help but cheer when they blow up the tanker, or when they rob the shop - and especially when Thelma has her sexual enlightenment with a very young, and very lean Brad Pitt. The latter is even more poignant knowing of her past with her arrogant, swine of a husband and her sexual assault at the hands of another man she meets at a bar.
Though I never consciously thought about Thelma and Louise when I began to write my free short read, DISCOVERING SOFIA, I realized I had in some ways based my characters on the movie: the sexy, young hitchhiker in the cowboy hat, the abused woman with her inadequacies and emotional pain.

I guess I like watching movies that push the envelope a little, just as I like writing characters that are a little out there =))

Dahlia, Dragons of Riddich

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