Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holiday shots, part 1

So I've finally got my act together and showing a few of my holiday snaps!

Photo one: is the apartments (Lanai) that we stayed at in Mackay, right near Canelands shopping centre and the Blue Lagoon swimming pools and big bucket (kids loved it!). If you look at the tallest apartment, left corner at the top, that's where we stayed. A 3 bedroom penthouse suite that had beautiful views of the river and city, and a huge spa upstais with glass windows - downside, it had some "weird" stuff happening - doors slamming shut, footsteps all night that was especially obvious in the room my husband and I slept in. I remember waking up one night, half asleep, seeing something (wish I could remember exactly) dropping back onto the mattress from lack of sleep - and the door immediately slamming shut.

Photo two: That's my daughter Shannon (14) in her high high heels beside my mum. I had to take the picture for a bit of a laugh. The room on the right is where I slept. The stairs there lead up to the spa.

Photo three: From Macky we took a drive to a few other towns - on of the places we visted was Calen, where I spent a few years in highschool. The burnt out shell in the photo is the once Calen pub. Sadly it had just been renovated. I'd like to say I'd had some drinks in there (like my sister lol) but it never happened...

Photo four: couldn't resist another photo of my new granddaughter. Isn't she cute as a button!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff, Mel! Creepy happenings - all good fodder for a paranormal author. LOL no doubt who/what ever it was knew you were a paranormal author and wanted to tell his/her story. :)

Oo, I liked Stone-Cold Lover, too. Thank you.

I take it this means your computer if fixed?

And yes, your little grandmimmi is as cute as a button. :)

Mel Teshco said...

very true Sandy =)
Glad you liked Stone-Cold Lover - thanks for saying so *smiles*
And yes computer is now all up and running (yeehaaa!!)
LOL - grandmimmi - love it!

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