Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gateway to Hell: blurb & excerpt

Congrats to Eleni Konstantine, she's just released yet another cool story - available through Musa Publishing

Zeta will protect the one she loves, even if it means living in Hell.
Mastering a unique power was much safer for Zeta Kosmos with a mentor to help her along. Now that he’s disappeared, Zeta must continue alone with her calling—closing Gateways to Hell.
Daniel Richards is in the family business—Warding supernatural evil from causing havoc on humans. As such, he’s only interested in the safety of one-night stands. Until Zeta. This bad boy now wants a long, lasting relationship.
But Zeta can’t let go of her past, nor can she ignore the secret demonic threats against Daniel’s life. She’d rather fight demonic spawn and be dragged into Hell than allow anything happen to him. Can Daniel convince her to stay? Will she have to pay the ultimate price?


Suddenly, the air in the warehouse lit up like a Christmas tree before being sucked into a hole of darkness, taking with it the blue swirls. It was like it crumpled in on itself.
Then, it was dark. Daniel blinked, adjusting his eyes. The day had come and gone, but they hadn’t noticed, what with the illumination from the gateway and Zeta.
Daniel glanced at his father, and as one they rushed through the door, towards her.
“Zeta?” He touched her shoulder as he crouched next to her.
Nothing. No response. Her eyes were now closed. No light shone from them or from her. Her hair now appeared limp and lifeless, her skin pale without the rosy patches he had noticed earlier.
His heart slammed into his chest. God, don’t let her be dead.
As if reading his thoughts, Mike felt for her pulse. He nodded. “Slow, but steady.”
Daniel let out a gush of air in relief. He reached out and touched her check with the back of his hand. Her skin was silky smooth and soft but cold. She looked fragile, but she had just got rid of six Zell Demons, almost single-handedly. She was bound to be wiped out.
She had proved to him she was a warrior, all right.
“We should get her back to base,” his dad said.
Daniel nodded and handed his weapons over. They didn’t say a word as Daniel lifted Zeta into his arms. She felt light, and he knew from her self-mocking earlier, she wasn’t. Right now, it was almost like she floated to him.
Could it be an aspect of the gateway? Some residual energy?
He carried her to the truck, gently placing her in the back seat, covering her with a blanket, before jumping in next to her. His dad would drive. There was no way he would be able to concentrate.
No way he could leave her alone. She’d done more than her part. It was time someone looked after her, and he had a feeling that usually didn’t happen. How did she come to be alone with no one to watch her back? The thought irked him and he wondered why. He knew of Warders that liked to work on their own.
Was it because she was a woman? No, female Warders, like his cousin, could hold their own. Was it because it was Zeta?
Daniel pushed the thoughts away as he pulled Zeta against him, making her as comfortable as he could for the half hour drive back to their base. Somehow he doubted she would recover in that time.
Dread ran over him. Would she recover at all?


Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks for the shout out, Mel!

Mel Teshco said...

no probs Eleni ;)

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