Saturday, December 1, 2012

And one more from the Hot Down Under girls!

Here's one more from the December Hot Down Under girls. Dream Lover is C.T. Green's debut story, be sure to check it out! =)

Five words that most fit you, the author?
Irreverent, cynical, romantic, loving, creative.


The idea behind your Momentum story?
Girl gets lost in the Australian bush and finds the love of her life.
This idea was brought about by a Scout camp and a particularly gorgeous
sunrise. My husband was still asleep and so were the kids, but I remember thinking:
What if it was just him and I, coffees in hand, admiring this beautiful scenery together.
That got me thinking about what it would be like to have the guy of your dreams
with no twenty-first century distractions, but a secret standing in the way. What if the guy
came to your rescue? I think most women love a guy who feels deeply enough to pursue her
in spite of any barriers they may have between them.

Fav paragraph from the story?
Where Reece (my hero) finally give in to the inevitable and can’t fight his feelings any longer
(did I mention he’s naked and sexy in a sleeping bag?).
He risks it all by telling Cate (my heroine), even though he has no idea if she feels the same way.
I kinda love a strong man brought to his knees by love and a good woman.

The heroine is someone you would like to…?
Have a glass of wine with and snicker about how cute men are when they’re being all noble, heroic and completely clueless.
Admiring a hot firefighter or two doesn’t go amiss either!

The hero makes you want to…?
Drink something cool and fan myself. That or ruffle his hair and tell him his in no way over - at least until I say so. : D

Will there be more from these characters or this world?
Not at the moment - though I would like to see Fiona (Reece and Cate’s friend) find a hero who’ll accept her, um, naughty habit.

At the moment I have something new planned that involves lots of sexy paranormal men and women who all work for the Supernatural Entity Recovery Agency a.k.a The Scary Fairies.


Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, I hope you share a lot of love with family and friends, ...