Friday, November 30, 2012

Hot Down Under, December Style!

Happy Release Day December Hot Down Under girls!!!!
Some of you might have read the November releases from Momentum's Hot Down Under collection of shorts, which included my short story, Beneath the Light of a Silver Moon.
Well it's now release day for the December girls! Today I have a couple of them on my blog. They are very kindly giving away a copy of their release to one lucky person, so please be sure to comment. Just tell us what YOU love about reading a short story. For those who miss out, click on the title for the buy link, these shorts are a steal at just over a dollar =) 
Okay...take it away girls!

Rhian Cahill: Shut Up and Kiss Me
Five words that most fit you, the author?
Tired, insane, tired, crazy, did I mention tired? :)

The idea behind your Momentum story?
The idea? To raise the temperature no matter what time of year it is.

Fav paragraph from the story?
“You can’t answer the door dressed like that and not find yourself slammed
against the wall with my cock buried in your hot pussy.” He took a step towards
her. She gasped and took a step back. “You’ve had me grinding my teeth and
taking cold showers for years, Jac. No more.”

The heroine is someone you would like to…?
be because she gets to 'play' with Kyle. :)

The hero makes you want to…?
be the focus of his undivided attention.

Will there be more from these characters or this world?
No. Shut Up And Kiss Me is just a snippet of time and as we know they get their HEA there no need to go back.

S.E. Gilchrist: Paying the Forfeit

Five words that most fit you, the author?
Obsessed, Compulsive, Creative, Passionate and Doubt-filled

The idea behind your Momentum story?
Paying the Forfeit was written as a ‘intro’ to a current series I am working on...The world as we know it, is a distant memory in the minds of the elders. Endemic disease sparked by global weather disasters of epic proportions erupted into wards of nation against nation, neighbour against neighbour as entire economies collapsed and famine spread like a river in flood. Countries and cities became fortresses and mankind descended into a new dark age. This short story is about a young couple from two of the tribes that struggle for survival in this new time.

Fav paragraph from the story?
I pushed his hand away and tried to wriggle from his grip. This was not how I had imagined it, the scene that had unfolded endlessly in my dreams for so long: a green expanse of grassy meadow full of wildflowers, an endless blue vista above, a soft fur beneath and Doyle whispering words of love and worship before pressing his lips against mine in a gentle kiss. Not some cool, shadowed cave beneath the earth, not cold words of payment and dues owed, not his eager hands roving with such bold demand, not the heat that teased with such wild hunger beneath my skin. I was a fool to think I could pretend he loved me, that I was his chosen mate, even for one night.

The heroine is someone you would like to…?
Grant to her, her heart’s desire.

The hero makes you want to…?
Find the closest cave, complete with soft, thick animal furs and stay awhile J.

Will there be more from these characters or this world?
Definitely. Not so much from these characters but I have written  Beyond Aquarius, a single title set in this world and that story is meant to be the first of a three book series.

Thank you, Mel, for having me on your blog today and thanks to everyone who drops by and leaves a comment.
You're welcome! =)


Kylie Scott said...

Congratulations, Guys! Both of these stories are so awesome. EVERYONE needs to read them.

Keziah Hill said...

Hoping lots of sales for both of you! They are great stories.

Maryde said...

HAPPY HAPPY Launch DAY MS SE and MS Rhian.
I'll be posting and twittering everywhere for you. :))

Tracey O'Hara said...

Happy happy release day. I love both of these stories and the covers are rocking. Congrats you sexy things.

Eden Summers said...

Congrats Ladies!!

I love both the covers and can't wait to read them. Hope you enjoy the celebrations.

Christina Phillips said...

Congrats Rhian and S.E.! Two more to add to my trusty iphone :-) As for why I love a short story, this last year I've read heaps of novellas and short stories which fit in very well between all the endless edits and revisions I've had lately :-)

Cathleen Ross said...

Congratulations girls. Both great excerpts. Can't wait to read them.

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