Saturday, December 15, 2012

End of Year Ramble/Dear Diary

Summer in Australia almost always equals a heatwave, at least here in Queensland. Right now it's 38 degrees C - bloody hot! With no good amount of rain for too long, even closer to the coast. I've got a water truck coming in tomorrow to fill one of my tanks.

Not likely to see hot roasts and heated food for my family this Christmas. We'll probably divulge in my mother's potato salad and garden salads, along with some cold meats (though I'm not much of a carnivore). I might even go the whole hog and make the trifle everyone loves. Or maybe I'll just order pizza LOL!

Of course my Christmas this year won't be the same. Two of my daughters won't be here. Miss fourteen will be working away for five weeks over the holidays with her sister, where the money is over twice of what she is getting here (yes, she's excited at that prospect). Luckily my husband is coming home from where he's working so I'll spend some time with him and Miss five. And hopefully my mum too =))

In the meantime there is light at the end of the tunnel - I have only 2 bedrooms of my house left to paint! The house is on the market, now I just need a buyer so I can move further North and join my hubby!! (not to mention being closer to my eldest daughter).

So things are really happening here on the personal front. Hopefully the hard work will pay off.

On the writing front, I've started book 2 of my new shape shifter series, set in a dystopian type world. No official word on the series name yet, but the tentative title for book 2 is Abducting the Princess. Writing has slowed with everything going on around me but I'm pushing myself to get some words onto paper now I have official deadlines =)

Merry Christmas everyone, may you all have the best one yet!!



Eleni Konstantine said...

Mel, good luck finding a buyer and moving to be closer to the rest of your family. You're so busy I'm amazed you find time to write. Yay on starting book 2.

I hope you and you family have a wonderful Xmas and new year!

Sandy said...

Echoing Eleni's comments, Mel. Hope you find a buyer for the house quick smart.

We topped 40 degrees down here last week and you can be assured the air conditioners will be on, on Christmas day. :) I'm baking a ham and hubby is doing a turkey breast on the BBQ. The MIL and the SIL are bring salads and stuffed eggs. I'd sit on an ants' nest for my MIL's stuffed eggs. YUM!

Glad you will see your other half for Christmas and the best of the festive season to you and yours. xox

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks so much Eleni and Sandy,

I hope you both have an amazing holiday and Christmas (andy yes, agree, busy busy time of year)

Cheers :)

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