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Galactic Holiday

Do you like your Sci-Fi? Do you love novella's that introduce you to a loved author/s plus maybe someone new? Then this anthology from Carina Press might be the perfect read for you over these Christmas holidays! I know I'll sure be reading it - I already know I love Anna Hackett's stories and I'm looking forward to two new authors on my reading list =)

So without further ado, welcome Anna Hackett, Stacy Gail & Sasha Summers with A GALACTIC HOLIDAY

Five words that most fit your story?:

Stacy: 1. Futuristic   2. Cyberpunk   3. Sexy-Romance (if you hyphenate it, it's one word!)   4. Holiday   5. Mystery

Anna: Action, Adventure, Sensual-Romance (if Stacy can hyphenate, so can I!), Space-opera, Holiday

Sasha: Adventurous, Steamy, Revelatory (for the characters), Holiday, Romantic

The idea behind the story?:

Stacy: Reina and Edison, the main characters in HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS, are actually the MCs in a much larger story slated to be told in 2013-2014.but for now,  I thought it would be a kick to get these two Chicagoland police detectives started with a Grinch-in-reverse case they have to solve just days before Christmas.  Reina is a Neo-Luddite, while her new partner, Edison loves all things tech and has undergone extreme bod-modding.

I’m kind of in love with the concept of how humanity works/evolves with an ever-growing obsession with tech.  Add the white-hot chemistry going on between Reina and Edison, plus a nifty dash of a glitchy Christmas miracle, and you’ve got HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS!

Anna: I knew that in WINTER FUSION I wanted to explore the idea of holidays and family far into the future and far into space. My ice world of Perma was born and I imagined the people who settled a harsh world like that would be family-oriented with a strong sense of community. My heroine, Brinn is from Perma and as a Galactic Trade Negotiator, fights hard for her planet.

My hero, Savan, however is from Rendar. The complete opposite of Perma. Rendar is a high-tech, energy-dependent world with no families and no holidays. It was fun to throw these two together (and add an assassin on their trail) and see how they worked together. And the attraction between them is hot enough to melt some of Perma’s ice!

Sasha: Riley is this tough chick who doesn’t count on anyone or anything except herself. When circumstances find her trapped on a station full of strangers, she has to learn to trust in order to stay alive. And Leo, the guy who saves her from the ice, kind of ratchets things up a notch with his charm. It doesn’t take long before Riley begins to question her lonely lifestyle and her feeling for Leo.

Hero and Heroine deserve to be together because...?:

Stacy: They need each other.  Though if you were to ask them, they’d probably give you a bunch of cocky swagger about how they don’t need anything!  But they’re both flawed (sorry Reina and Edison, but it’s the truth :P), and when one stumbles, the other is there to pick up the pace.  They might be opposites in a lot of ways, but underneath it all they’re a perfect fit.

Anna: Everyone deserves a happily ever after! Savan needs more than a bad past in the wars and a fast-paced, tech-dependent life and Brinn’s just the woman to show him that. For Brinn, family is the cornerstone in her life and she’s always wanted love. She just never expected it to come from her most bitter rival at the trade tables.

Sasha: They complement each other. It’s a bit of a role reversal really, Riley’s the defensive and hardened character that seems dismiss the rest of the black (space in my story). Leo wants to save it – or do what he can to make things better. It’s through Leo that Riley learns what community and sacrifice are about. While Riley shows Leo that he has needs beyond his ship and his crew.

Three major differences in your world compared to earth?:

Stacy: Unlike today’s earth, my Chicagoland has:

1.  Hydrogen-based power.  Fossil fuels are a thing of the past. (I WISH. *sigh*)

2.  Cybernetic wetware components.  With nanite technology and neurolinks, humans can go online at the speed of thought.

3.  Androids. Manual labor has been eliminated due to the prevalence of life-like robots that can be programmed to do anything, from sweeping floors to sex acts.


1) Perma is all ice – no trees or vegetation just underground thermal power

2) Houses are built from ice and coated in a nanocoating to stop it melting

3) Lingual implants – no more learning languages the hard way! Like I am right now!!

Sasha: Most characters live in the black on stations, existing on protein powder and dehydrated food. So Riley’s first experience with real food is important in the book – and hilarious. Water is scarce so mining ice from ice moons and planets is an important job. We don’t have cryptids. J I hope we never do.


And finally. This book just had to be written because...?:

Stacy: My main characters were driving me freaking batty!  Sad to say, this happens to me more often than you might think.  When an idea is so strong, and it’s populated by powerful characters, I know it’s going to be a good story that needs to be told.

Anna: When I saw the call for sci-fi holiday novellas from Carina Press, it was a challenge just too good to resist! I knew I had to see if I could blend two such disparate concepts. And I’ve always been a sci-fi fan, so I had plenty of ideas just busting to come out in WINTER FUSION.

Sasha: I wanted to see if I could do it. I’d never written short or scifi but the submission call was too freaking cool not to try! Riley kind of popped up in my head – this awesome, interesting character I really wanted to ‘crack’… Enter Leo. No way I was going to turn my back on those two. I’m hoping to write some more for them, actually.  And Leo’s crew… We shall see.


Thanks so much for having us!

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 Thanks girls for visiting today, I wish you many sales and a wonderful Christmas! =)



S E Gilchrist said...

Love the sound of all these stories. I purchased this anthology on the weekend & cant wait till work finishes next week for some reading time.
Hope everyone's Xmas is wonderful and the New Year sees lots more books like this one.

Mel Teshco said...

Hi S E! So glad you dropped by in the busy season =)

I'm sure you'll love the stories =))

Anna Hackett said...

Hiya Mel! Thanks so much for having us stop by and chichat about A GALACTIC HOLIDAY! I loved your questions (-:

Anna Hackett said...

Hi SE -- ooh, so pleased to hear you got A GALACTIC HOLIDAY. Hope you enjoy a little sci-fi with your holidays. Have a great Christmas!

Sasha Summers said...

Thanks for hosting us Mel! And for the fun questions! SE - I hope you enjoy the book.
And Happy Holidays everyone! :) Sasha

Stacy Gail said...

Thanks so much for hosting us today, Mel! That was such a fun interview, I had a blast with it! :D

SE, I hope you enjoy reading A GALACTIC HOLIDAY as much as we enjoyed writing it. ^_^ Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, I hope you share a lot of love with family and friends, ...