Friday, August 31, 2012

50 Shades

So I started reading this last night with an admittedly pre-conceived idea that I'd hate it. Yes, I've heard a LOT of bad stuff about this book, time will only tell if I agree. But you know what, so far it's been an easy, enjoyable read - though I'm only up to chapter three so I guess things could go pear shaped from here on in lol!

On the positive side, my eldest daughter, Teagan, isn't a reader at all, and has never been a reader. She bought all three of these books (she loaned me book 1) on her friends hype and devoured them in a matter of a week. My daughter!! Whose biggest reading pleasure was Dolly magazines as a teen and Goosebumps!!!

Looking forward to reading this book just to see the major stir it's created! Am I being too proactive at this early stage to say it must surely be a good thing, especially for the erotic writing world??


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RWA Cover Contest WIn!

So pleased that Red-Hot Lover won the novella section of RWA's annual cover contest. Thanks to all who voted!! =))))

Also if you get a chance to visit, I'm a guest over at Kylie Griffin's blog for her Paranormal Down Under series.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beneath the Light of a Silver Moon

I've had permission to post this unedited blurb for my short contemporary story, Beneath the Light of a Silver Moon, that is one of a collection of thirteen shorts from Momentum's Hot Down Under erotic line. This story is probably one of my 'sweetest' yet (perhaps because it isn't paranormal) - though it still has some dark tones. It's one of the first five that will be released in November - can't wait!!  Hope to see the cover soon and will post when I can =))

Kristen Treymore isn't living, she's existing, stuck in a marriage to protect her stepdaughter from Jack, an alcoholic who uses his fists to communicate. When Conrad Doyle, childhood friend and the man whose heart she unwittingly broke, shows up on her doorstep and offers her a lifeline, she can't refuse.
What she never dreams possible is how much she still wants him--but is that enough to keep them together when terror still beats deep in her heart?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Time Thief Release!


Anna Hackett

Hunted for her ability to steal time, Bay North lives a life on the run. All she wants is to make the crime lord who slaughtered her family pay. But now he’s set the ultimate hunter on her trail and Bay will need all her skills to carry out her revenge and survive.

Ex-Navy SEAL Sean Archer saw his team killed by a time thief in Afghanistan and came back a broken man. He’s made a dark deal with a criminal to hunt down all time thieves and now Sean’s tracked the wily Bay North to Denver where he plans to rid the world of one more dangerous mutation.

But during a shootout, hunter and hunted find themselves depending on each other for survival. Joining forces to exact payback by stealing a priceless treasure, their reluctant alliance shatters both their defenses. Can Bay find the courage to trust? And can Sean convince a woman honed in revenge that she can have more than vengeance, blood and killing?

Read an excerpt

Monday, August 20, 2012

Review for Red-Hot Lover

Romancing the Book did a nice review for Red-Hot Lover, the third book in my Winged & Dangerous series (though this is a standalone read). My gargoyles hold a special place in my heart (god that sounds cliche) and it's really gratifying to see readers enjoying them too =))

Here's a little of the review:

I saw gargoyles in a different light and not as the world takes them to be. I loved that Zahlee and Saul made the best of both worlds. Yes they had to make sacrifices. Nothing ever happens the way we plan but when life gives back to us what we wanted. We learn to forgive and not always forget. Love is worth having so we make the most of what we are givin because no one is promised tomorrow.
I enjoyed watching Zahlee and Saul fall in love again. Although Zahlee had to trust in humans again and trust Saul with the biggest secret of all. I have fell in love with gargoyles again and I hate that I started with the third book in the series. I know that I’ve missed a lot.
So with that I’m going to leave and brush up more on gargoyles. Maybe I can relive the fantasies I had as a child.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Momentum Deal!!

Wow, what an interesting journey it's been to get to this point! Crazy, really.
What started as an anthology idea discussed with Cath Evans to raise money for a writing retreat I organized at Montville, has somehow catapulted into a collection of short stories, which Momentum will release - the first five in November of this year!
It just goes to show, listen to your subconscious (or whatever you'd like to call it). I'm saying this because, after months of hair pulling and discussing with Tracey O'hara about how we were going to self-publish the stories from some already published authors, as well as some unpublished authors we'd all mentored and critiqued up to publishable standard (13 out of 16 stories accepted is pretty remarkable, I think) I lay in bed one night unable to sleep, but hearing stuff over and over in my head about Momentum. I almost dismissed the idea that next morning - but since Kylie Scott was one of the authors roped into the 'antho' mix and who was already contracted with Momentum, I really did think, "what's the harm in asking?"
Turned out no harm at all LOL!!
I'm looking forward now in seeing where this road will lead!! =)))

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Man's Best Friend

  I'm talking Man's Best Friend and the Apocalypse over at Romance Writers of the Apocalypse blog today. Come say hello :)


Amazon have now come to the party and have Identity Shift available now too, for free!

Nice to see those numbers go down and down =))

More news to come very soon! =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Identity Shift (free!!)

For a limited time Identity Shift is now free at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


Alexia Leigh leaves her father's funeral determined to prove that his discovery of big-cat shape-shifters isn't mythical nonsense. She wants to exonerate her deceased father's name and reveal the secret shifters race is alive and well.
When she tracks down the elusive and wealthy Blake Powell to an old, run down apartment, she isn't prepared for the instant attraction that flares between them. She wants only to focus on the reasons behind his name being on the aged parchment her father had found alongside some shifter bones.
But almost immediately she finds herself on the run with Blake from a group of fanatics who believe all too much in the reality of shape-shifters.
When she gives into the attraction with Blake and has mind blowing sex with him again...and again, she realizes she has to choose between him or the evidence he can give her on a silver platter...


Guns ‘N’ Roses blared from inside nondescript apartment fourteen. She took a deep, calming breath as adrenaline surged within. She had him. At last her quarry was within reach. She raised a fist and hammered on the flimsy, peeling wooden door.

The music shut down. A baby wailed a few apartments down, a small dog yapping into life inside another. Heavy footsteps approached from the other side of the door.


One word. One deep, masculine, primal intonation.

Her pulses jerked in response, her nipples beading tight beneath her black leather jacket and tight burgundy singlet.

If this is what he could do to a woman with one monosyllable behind a closed door, she could only imagine what he could do with a whole sentence, and up close and personal.

She cursed under her breath. She’d clearly been too long without a man, someone to ease the heavy ache of her breasts, the deep throb between her thighs. Just as well she wanted nothing more from him than answers.

Hesitating for a beat, she asked, “Mr. Powell?”

She closed her eyes at his long, drawn out silence. Then she heard him release a heavy sigh before returning wearily, “Who wants to know?”

Impatience drummed a loud tattoo behind her skull. A migraine was all she needed right now.

“I’m here on behalf of my father. He is—“ she swallowed back a wave of bitter loss and grief was an archaeologist. You may have heard of him? Professor Thomas Leigh.” At the thick, almost suffocating silence that followed she continued more loudly, “He believed in the existence of human-panther shape-shifters—”

Her sentence ended on a startled gasp as the door flung open and she was jerked unceremoniously inside.

“Enough already,” Blake growled.

She hissed out a breath at the current of electricity sizzling through her arm’s every nerve ending; at the cheek of him dragging her inside. She tugged free, and looked up…and up.

Beneath scruffy dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt the man was a mountain of fluid muscle and sinew, repressed energy that vibrated with emotion and patently raw sex appeal.

“Are you mad?” she said through gritted teeth. “All I wanted was a civilized discussion, not to be dragged inside like I’m nothing more than…than a cave woman!”

He slammed the door shut behind her and pushed home a large bolt. When he peeled off his dark sunglasses—ludicrous inside the near dark room lit only by a naked bulb—she took an involuntary step back. His eyes were an unnatural gold-yellow. Beautiful, but deadly.

She sucked in some oxygen, forcing a calm she didn’t feel. Damn it all to hell, he really was sinfully delicious, with more vague hints of darkness beneath his honey-warm skin that tantalized and teased even as it repelled.

“I know who you are,” he said.

“You do?”

“Yes.” He sighed, tunneling a hand through his thick, dark hair that was an inch away from scruffy. “I’m sorry.”


“About your father.”

“Why?” Her voice rose an octave, “Because like everyone else you think the world is better off without another crackpot and his loony beliefs?”

“No. I’m sorry because he was a great man who thought above and beyond the restrictions of science.”

Hostility fled her body, leaving her oddly drained and a little disorientated. How long had it been since someone had said something good about her father? Too long, clearly, for her to appreciate even a scrap of praise. Snide remarks and innuendos had become part and parcel of their life for the three long months since her father’s discovery.

“You look about ready to collapse.” Somehow his silky rich voice stroked her senses, hummed along the nerve-endings behind her eyeballs and soothed away her stress. Turning it into another tension entirely. Sexual tension. “Please. Take a seat,” he murmured.

She managed the couple of steps needed before all but flopping into a ripped, vinyl two-seater lounge. “You knew my dad?”

“No, not personally. But I read all his articles. He was ahead of his time. A brilliant and ethical man.”

And look where that had got him. Mocked and ridiculed until he’d been stripped of all his dignity, his beliefs. His life.

A wedge of hair dropped over her eyes from her scraped back pony tail. She abstractedly pushed the dark blonde length behind one ear. “Then you know why I’m here.”

He moved into the tiny kitchen, where a half-empty bottle of scotch resided on the counter. He poured them each a glass. She gulped hers down like it was a tonic for all the ills in the world.

He smiled and took a mouthful before giving a nod. “I gather since your father uncovered the bones, he also found the journal and deciphered the names on the list?”

“Only yours,” she conceded. Her father’s long held view of honesty being the best policy had burrowed deep into her psyche, despite its obvious pitfalls. “What else have you concluded?” she pressed.

He raised a dark brow. “That now you’re hoping to track down the Illawatti tribe.”

She released another long, slow breath. “Let me guess. You think I’m a raving lunatic?”

Just like my dad.

Blake stalked over to the window and peered between the moldy, almost transparent curtains. “No. Actually, I don’t.”

Wow. Was he serious? She snorted disbelief. “So you agree there’s a possibility the Illawatti tribe exist—” 

“We need to leave,” he growled.

She frowned. “No. Not until I get some answers—”

The breath whooshed hard from her throat as he threw himself at her. His weight knocked her to the ground simultaneously to the window shattering, glass raining down like blades of ice.

The dog a few doors down once again took up its relentless yapping. She closed her eyes, aware the muscled bulk of Blake’s body sheltered her. But she was even more aware of the ping of a bullet that had torn a hole through the opposite wall.

Shock pushed her heart rate into high gear. “Someone is shooting at you!”

He effortlessly scooped her up and half-ran into what had to be the only bedroom. “No,” he corrected grimly. “They’re shooting at us.”

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some More Rockin' Covers

Kylie Griffin's 3rd upcoming installment to her Light Blade series, Allegiance Sworn.

Fellow Nocturne Bites author, Anna Hackett has a new cover with Time Thief.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Book FREE for a Limited Time!

My novella, Identity Shift, is FREE for a limited time at Smashwords and hopefully B&N and Amazon soon! I loved this story and hope you guys will too =)

Here's the blurb:

This big cat has claws and knows how to use them. Alexia Leigh is determined to prove big-cat shape-shifters exist. But she never expected Blake Powell to rescue and seduce her--never expected to want him like he's her last damned breath! She's never experienced such raw pleasure, never felt so alive. And now she is torn between him and the proof needed to exonerate her dead father's once great name

Latest Writing Update

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd do a quick fill-in of where I'm at with my writing at the moment. I...