Monday, March 11, 2013

Galactic Flame excerpt

The craft’s walls gently vibrated. Genesis tore his stare from her and frowned. He turned back, proffering a hand. “Come. It is past time we were seated.”
She grudgingly accepted his hand and allowed him to lead her to one of the chairs before he instructed, “Sit. Relax.” He did the same in the chair nearby. “The journey will be a long one, but our seats will automatically adjust for our individual comfort.”
She gripped the arms of her seat as it unfolded. The red fur underneath her spine and ass cheeks was amazingly soft and comfy. No doubt it had come off the vicious, alien-eating caltronian beasts she’d heard her father talk about a time or two.
If she ever met such a beast, perhaps she’d offer congratulations for its good taste. She shivered, half-ashamed. A morbid sense of humor wouldn’t cut it if she really did set eyes on one of the red-furred monsters—they’d probably enjoy her human-alien flesh just as much.
Genesis stretched his long legs out before him, clearly settling in. He took hold of her nearest hand, as if in reassurance. “The shields will shortly web across our bodies. They’ll hold us in for takeoff.”
She jerked with alarm as the shields grew from the floor and up the chairs to quickly blanket her entire body, including her scalp. Only her face—mouth, nose and eyes—stayed clear. Even their joined hands were webbed together. It was the weirdest sensation, as though smoke was solidifying over her body.
“Relax,” he soothed from the chair beside her, though she couldn’t turn her head and see him.
“I didn’t expect this!” she hissed, perversely glad his hand was entwined with hers.
The craft reverberated, juddering hard underneath. The walls of the craft revolved, faster and faster, as though a spinning top, the momentum creating a whine that amplified on seemingly every rotation.
“The craft is preparing for takeoff,” he said, raising his voice to be heard. “When it does, the G-force will cause you to pass out. Soon after the shields will release a non-toxic gas to keep us unconscious.”
“Please don’t tell me you’re serious!”
She wasn’t used to feeling so helpless. Since giving herself over to him in place of her sister, all her free-will had been taken away from her.
“It sounds crude, but staying asleep with brief snatches of wakefulness to relieve our hunger and thirst, means our supplies won’t run dry.”
The straw in the cylinder beside her took on a whole new meaning. Clearly whatever liquid it held was both food and water in human terms. Her voice cracked, “Do I get any say in this?”
“Sorry, Princess, no. At just twenty day’s journey, this craft is by far the fastest and most efficient way to travel.”
The craft’s whine became an earsplitting hum that continued to increase in volume and unlike anything she’d ever heard before. And as the shields pushed a little way into her ear and formed a ball to evidently block out the worst of the sound, Genesis squeezed her hand and shouted, “See you in my solar system, Princess!”
A flash of light burst before her eyes. Her belly dropped from beneath her. Then…nothing.

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