Friday, September 27, 2013

More than One Pen Name?

So I've gone and co-written a book that has been labelled 'inspirational'. And though it's not bible belt stuff, I can see why it's been put under that genre as the hero in this book takes a huge leap of faith in himself. (you'll need to read it to understand what I'm getting at BWG).

But anyway, I've talked to other authors about the need for a pen name change to go along with the very different genre, and it was mostly a unanimous NO.

Why, you ask? (g)

~ I doubt very much that I'll be writing another inspirational any time soon, if ever.

~ It's double the workload and time (that I just don't have) to put your name out there as if a first time author again.

~ It's generally a whole lot more pressure and one more burden I'd rather not have. Plus I don't want my readers to be confused by chasing another name down.

~I know the theory is that your genre is your market brand, but I think more and more now that an author's name is their brand and more authors lately are choosing to stick with one name. 

~I'm not a hugely prolific writer, but can keep a steady flow so my one name is right for my productivity.

...So now I've decided to keep my name, I've changed my website - taken away the nude male with his cute bum to a nice scenery picture, and also ensured the website highlighted that I write 'sweet' as well as 'hot' so readers don't get confused. 

So, what do you guys think of more than one pen name?



Marianne Theresa said...

I hear your pain Mel.
I would be happy for readers to know I write in several different Sub-genres of Romance and all will have High levels of explicit content & sexual heat to match the Love story. I think readers are pretty savvy these days to work it all out :)

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Marianne Theresa =)

I'm glad that publishing has changed so much in the last handful of years, when authors didn't have so many options with so many things - including pen names =)

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