Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Enraptured review

Thanks to Gardenia of the Long and Short Reviews for the 4.5 star rating on Enraptured

“Sex couldn’t replicate love, no matter how much she enjoyed the act.” … And I say Amen to that. This is a well-written novella dealing with the self-esteem after effects of bullying.
Our protagonist, Kate, creates a separate persona with a different name in order to create a separate reality in which she is beautiful, self-assured, and able to enjoy sex. She creates Brandy, a high priced call girl/escort who remains aloof as she goes from bed to bed of the most elite group of billionaires.
The characters in this novella are well defined in spite of the short length of this story. The plot line is both interesting and erotic. Blaine is the perfect male lead we all dream of in our fantasies. He is handsome, assertive, complicated, passionate and rich. From the moment he meets Brandy, he is taken by her beauty and style. She becomes his obsession as he tries to entice her away from the escort life to become his own alone.
I have given this novella 4.5 Stars, because this novella was a little too short. I was left wanting more and hoping the author will continue to write about these characters in the future.

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