Friday, September 27, 2013

More than One Pen Name?

So I've gone and co-written a book that has been labelled 'inspirational'. And though it's not bible belt stuff, I can see why it's been put under that genre as the hero in this book takes a huge leap of faith in himself. (you'll need to read it to understand what I'm getting at BWG).

But anyway, I've talked to other authors about the need for a pen name change to go along with the very different genre, and it was mostly a unanimous NO.

Why, you ask? (g)

~ I doubt very much that I'll be writing another inspirational any time soon, if ever.

~ It's double the workload and time (that I just don't have) to put your name out there as if a first time author again.

~ It's generally a whole lot more pressure and one more burden I'd rather not have. Plus I don't want my readers to be confused by chasing another name down.

~I know the theory is that your genre is your market brand, but I think more and more now that an author's name is their brand and more authors lately are choosing to stick with one name. 

~I'm not a hugely prolific writer, but can keep a steady flow so my one name is right for my productivity.

...So now I've decided to keep my name, I've changed my website - taken away the nude male with his cute bum to a nice scenery picture, and also ensured the website highlighted that I write 'sweet' as well as 'hot' so readers don't get confused. 

So, what do you guys think of more than one pen name?


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's been an eventful September so far, with the flu hitting me for six and my oldest daughter having a knuckle replacement. And let's not forget it's my birthday this month - I'll be 43 *shriek* - where has the time gone!!?? So anyway, it's made me realize that life is short and you've got to chase down what you want in life (wrestle it to the ground if need be). I'm doing that right now and going after what I want. I'll let you guys know how I go! Let's face it, opportunity doesn't just fall into one's lap...

 How many times have you heard someone bemoaning their lot in life? How often do you just want to shake them and tell them how good they've got it - and to go out and chase their dreams! I often think they should go visit a children's cancer ward and then maybe they'll realize just how lucky they have things...
On the writing front - this September sees me doing edits for BELIEVE with an October 30 release date! This story encapsulates everything about hitting rock bottom but getting back up and seeing things more clearly - realizing what they have is a gift not a curse. In short, my hero James turns to drugs to repel the visions and dreams he begins to have. He doesn't want to end up like his sister, Josie, who not only sees things and has an imaginary friend, she believes in them too. It isn't until he meets his new neighbor, Marina, who he's instantly attracted to but who just happens to be very heavily pregnant to another (abusive) man, that he starts to face his demons.

On that note, hope everyone has a great September, I'm looking forward to a cocktail party near my birthday *rubs hands* - happy reading!

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