Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slack Blogger Update

Yes, I've been incredibly slack with my blogging lately, but I do have a reasonably good excuse - honest!! 
Happy to say I've completed my single title story, Dimensional! Now I just hope to find it a shiny new home lol.
I've just sent the final edits of Seducing the Huntress, (book 3 of the Nightmix series) back to my Ellora's Cave editor, so there should be a cover reveal for that one soon! Yay! Love seeing a new cover for the first time!
Shadow Hunter is also waiting at a publisher for a final yes or no, so that's really exciting too! Though of course the waiting patiently just kills me!!!!
I have one more project up my sleeve, a sci-fi continuity, which I can't say anything more about until the contract is signed. But I'm really thrilled about this fabulous project! 
On the personal front - our house starts today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (anymore exclamation marks and I'll be sick lol) but WOOOOOTTTT!!! This has been a LONG way coming. I can't wait to see our house completed.
Think that's about all to tell...more news from the slack blogger soon =))))
image from public domain pictures.net

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