Saturday, April 26, 2014

Enraptured review

I'm so happy to get a 5/5 review and a 50/50 score for Enraptured, thanks to Bella from Fallen Angel Reviews. It seriously made my day! :)

A wonderful spin on the Pretty Woman story. I loved Kate and Blaine. At first, I was uncertain about Blaine. His did a few things that made me see him as a stalker, but soon, I understood his motives and, I think, his heart. Great entertaining story.


Kate grew up knowing how badly bullying could batter self-esteem. That was why she never imagined herself as beautiful and sophisticated Brandy, high-class call girl.
She loves sex, loves her job that gives her self-assurance and financial security. Being on the arms and in the beds of the most influential and powerful men in Australia doesn’t hurt either.
When billionaire philanthropist Blaine starts taking more than a professional interest in her—both in and out of bed– Kate has to decide whether to run, or stay and risk it all for the man she not only lusts after, but loves.

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