Thursday, September 10, 2015

Release Day - Ice Cold Lover!

I'm so excited to re-release book two of my Winged & Dangerous series! Ice Cold Lover tells the story of Cray's daughter, born human in every way except for the inheritance of gargoyle wings.

Celeste has a secret she will fight tooth and nail to protect. She is human in every way but one—hideous bat-like wings, a permanent legacy from her once-cursed gargoyle father, Cray. But she is seriously attracted to Pascal Daniels, despite him being the son of a mobster, and every woman’s most dangerous fantasy.
Pascal is used to attention from women, but he’s looking for someone special. He’s fascinated by the ice queen, Celeste Diamond. He thinks hers is the perfect female form, one he’d do anything to possess. Pascal has decided it’s way past time to warm up the mysterious, elusive Celeste.
And perhaps he’ll share some secrets of his own. 

Available Amazon, Nook, Kobo and all great e-tailers!

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