Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Happening...

Slack Blogger Alert!

Seriously though, I've been slack at blogging but hard at work - not that I've got much to show for it this year. BUT you will see a Christmas anthology coming out soon this year, which will be available for pre-order - I will post the moment it goes up! Very excited to be a part of this one with some amazing authors! =))

Next year - I can talk about next year now, right? I can if it's because all of my hard work from this year will be published next year...

Dimensional will be coming out in March (at this stage) with Harlequin Escape, and I will also be in cowboy continuity from that same publisher, around Feb. AND at this stage - if I can meet the deadline - I'll be in a Valentine's anthology with my new publisher (can't say more at this moment, but this same publisher has accepted something else from me too...)

Also after the success of Taken by the Sheikh, Cathleen Ross, Christina Phillips and I will be launching yet another "Taken" title.... anyone love Billionares? Good. Taken by the Billionaire is already under discussion!

That's about all from my end. Have a wonderful month of October!! =)

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