Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Latest Writing Update

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd do a quick fill-in of where I'm at with my writing at the moment.

I've recently finished two books. One is a contemporary which will be book 4 of the VIP Desire Agency. This one has two smexy as f*&k heroes who want to claim their woman for themselves. I have no release dates for any of these books as yet, but hopefully will know something soon.

The second is a 53k sci-fi fantasy set in the future where the Olympic games has been taken over by the Virgin Hunt Games. I'm just now waiting to see what the publisher thinks of it (and yes I've started writing a book 2 in the series).

I'm also now working on the last book of the VIP Desire Agency (book 5). The unedited blurbs of these can be found on my website on the coming soon page.

Early next year Tule Publishing will also be releasing a contemporary, slighter sweeter book with a heroine who has a disability. I love this book, as the condition (rheumatoid arthritis - from a young age) is something my eldest daughter has had to live with since she was five. And I'm not talking a few aches here - every bone in her body except her hips and spine are affected. She's had a knuckle replacement (for a wedding ring) cortisone injections in 38 joints of her body when she was around 8 (and more later in hospital), once regular injections into her eye ball, had her knees drained a few times, countless blood tests and operations, not to mention her fortnightly injections (to name just a few things) Honestly, she's so much braver than me and I love her to bits. And she'd kill me if she ever read this lol - she tells nobody about her condition, she just soldiers on.

Before I get too carried away lol - Last but not least, I'm managing to get a few words in here and there for my next Dragon's of Riddich book, Dahlia. I'm loving these dragons so much! My goal is to have this one finished before the end of the year - we'll see!!

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the cover (since I've already shared this with my newsletter subscribers) - happy reading everyone! :) 

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