Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Release! Blood Chance

I'm a day late with announcing my latest release (re-release - this one was originally Her Dark Lord), but so very happy that Blood Chance is back out in the world again. If you love paranormal romance (vampires) then this book might be perfect for you, and at 99c it's a bargain! :))

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To save her dying mother, Kia must suppress her loathing of everything vampire to track down the oldest and most deadly bloodsucker of them all.

All dhampir Kia Montana has left in the world is her mortal mother, and Kia will do everything in her power to save her mum from dying. She sets off to track down the Ancient One, Sean Maximillus. He is the one and only vampire capable of reversing her mother’s condition.
Instead she finds Ronan, a gorgeous and mysterious man who promises to take her to the Vampire Lord…after he’s taken her to bed. But Ronan seems to know too much about Kia—things she never told him, and she is soon drawn deeper into his world, where he will reveal secrets that will change her life forever.

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