Monday, September 14, 2020

New Release: The Queen

Release day is finally here!! For those of you who have been waiting, The Queen - the LAST book in the Dragons of Riddich series, is finally out.  I'm so pleased to have wrapped up everything for my Riddich characters and their mates. And it all happens on the soil of another world - planet Tantonic. This fast paced story features a chapter from each of my Riddich characters. I hope you enjoy :)

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The dragons have searched the universe to find their one true mate…

Twelve months has been and gone. The Riddich dragons are finally reunited and have brought with them their Earth mates. All too soon they form a plan with their unlikely, newfound friends. They'll land on the icy planet of Tantonic, their mission: to kill the evil Tantonic Queen and her soldiers, and release any surviving prisoners.

But can the heat loving Riddich Dragons survive the cold and outwit the vicious Tantonic Queen who all but wiped out their mighty race? Or will they perish, or worse, be drained of their powers before they've even had a chance to avenge their fallen people?

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