Friday, December 31, 2021

Dimensional cover reveal, pre-order and release date


Looking for something a little different to read. This longer length novel might be right up your alley with loads of action and suspense, and a romance I couldn't resist. Release date is Jan 31st but is available for pre-order now!

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What would you do, if you had the chance to revisit all your decisions, to fix all your mistakes?

Celebrity chef, Jessie McCormick is incredibly late. Driving his Hummer to the opening of his latest restaurant seemed like a much better idea than flying, but incomprehensible directions and a dodgy shortcut throws him instead into the driveway of a rickety old house. Hopeful of finding the house occupied – and its inhabitants capable of directing him to Brisbane – he heads inside.

What he finds inside that house will turn his perspective inside out and upside down and change his life forever. Voices lead him to an attic, and there he finds no direction and every direction. The attic is an endless line of doors and ladders, each taking Jessie down a different path of his life.

His dimension is just one of many, with each one uncovering alternate realities. In one a beautiful country cook becomes his lover and the one woman he can't stop thinking about. In another his sister is in danger and his long-dead mother is alive. As Jessie races to find his way back to his own dimension, he must make the biggest decision of his life: rescue his sister or take his chance at true love.  

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