Saturday, February 5, 2022

No Ordinary Gift - Pre-order and Cover Reveal

Isn't this cover so pretty? This might be the sweetest book I've ever written, with co-writer Kylie Sheaffe. Don't let the sweet level fool you though, there are supernatural elements to the story that will make you think twice about the unknown (I hope!) This is the first book in a trilogy with the same characters. Release date for No Ordinary Gift is March 25th. Coming a couple of weeks later book 2 - Believe will be released followed by book 3 Homecoming. 

Even better - this first book in the series will be on sale for 99c for a very limited time :)

*NOTE - this series was originally published as Believe.*

Pre-order links:

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Amazon OZ

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Amazon CA


James Edward Bowheart. Doctor-in-training, intellectual genius and closet drug addict. He is also the brother to Josie, a sister living in her own world of inner darkness. But is she psychic or crazy? He's not completely certain anymore. All he knows for sure is that her personal demons awaken his own.

Then a woman moves into the vacant house next door to his and he's inexplicably drawn to her. Marina is light and laughter to his darkness and despair. She is also a gifted music teacher who takes Josie under her wing. When it turns out Josie is a music prodigy with the violin, James can't thank Marina enough. Except, his neighbor is pregnant and hiding from the dangerous father of her unborn child, and James can't help but think a happily-ever-after will be forever out of reach.

In the end it might not matter. Marina won't tolerate a drug addict and James' dependency is escalating as his visions match Josie's, challenging his every belief and making him question what is real—and what is not?

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