Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Cover Reveal & Pre-Order for Nero

 So excited to show-off the cover reveal for the first book in my series (Alien Fugitives). I have three covers so far for this series and love them all :)

Nero is already up for pre-order and will be releasing shortly after the last book in my sheikh series (which may or may not turn into more stories lol). 

She’s afraid to love again. He’s afraid to lose again.

Jack Ashton appears from out of nowhere, saving Brynn like a knight in shining armor from her terrifying ex. Though her heady attraction to Jack opens up her heart again, she discovers her knight comes with scales and a fin. She should be terrified, but there is something about him that draws her in and makes her feel safe.

Jack hid his identity so well from the dronians—an alien enemy intent on hunting him and the last of his species down—he managed to brainwash himself in the process, forgetting his name and the real him while living and working on Earth. But when his memories come flooding back and he becomes protector of a human woman, he realizes life on Earth isn’t going to be any easier than what it had been on his own world, especially with a vulnerable human in his care.

Lying low and not drawing attention was his one and only goal. But when he falls for Brynn and dronians threaten her life, he knows he can’t lose another loved one again. He’ll do whatever he must to keep her alive and safe, even if he has to draw on every one of his unstable alien powers to do so.

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