Sunday, April 24, 2022

New Releases - Awakenings.


I'm behind my posts but happy to announce that all three books in the Awakenings series, including Homecoming, is out now! I hope you enjoy them :)


What will it take for doctor-in-training, James Edward Bowheart, to drop his pre-conceived beliefs and fully awaken to his innate psychic abilities? That believing in them might well have prevented the death of the professor—his good friend and mentor—has left James reeling. His sister, Josie, never once doubted in his surreal visions and messages, making him realize he owes it to himself—and to the memory of the professor—to at least explore what he consciously turned his back on.

With the love of his girlfriend Marina helping to shift his energy, James soon pieces together some of the hidden truths from his past. But will his soul searching deliver him the happily ever after he yearns for or will he be forever entwined with the visions that haunt him?

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