Friday, December 15, 2023

Desert Kings Alliance Boxset: Volumes 1-4


To celebrate The Sheikh's Temporary Girlfriend - the last book in the Desert Kings Alliance series, I've put together the first four books together in a very special and (crazy!) short pre-order promotion for 99c - before they go back up to 7.99. Get it while its cheaaaap!!! - it's also FREE for those who subscribe with Kindle Unlimited. Releasing Jan 10 2024

Book 1 - The Sheikh's Runaway Bride

She craves her freedom. He craves her permanently in his bed.


Book 2 - The Sheikh's Captive Lover

A sheikh wishing for anonymity. A photographer wishing for great success.


Book 3 - The Sheikh's Forbidden Wife

She chose to escape a future of tyranny. He has no choice but to take her as his wife.


Book 4 - The Sheikh's Secret Mistress

She's a commoner, he's a powerful sheikh. Will she ever be good enough?


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