Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Sheikh's Temporary Girlfriend - coming VERY soon!


I'm working on the finishing touches of this story today, the last story in this sheikh series - BUT there will be a brand new sheikh series coming to you next year! I already have the cover and it's gorgeous!  Back to The Sheikh's Temporary Girlfriend - this last book will be coming to you December 30 and I can't wait! I'm loving this story.

For those of you lovely readers who don't buy through Amazon or KU, it will also be available everywhere as print (I've done that with all my KU stories).

She’ll do anything for her family. He’ll do everything to claim her.

After Amber Clayton lost her parents at the tender age of seventeen, leaving her and her older brother all alone in the world, she is determined her brother won’t now lose his marriage and his daughter thanks to his gambling addiction.

She’ll pay off his debts herself if need be!

Waitressing at a party for a sheikh who is renowned for giving his staff great bonuses seems like her lucky break…until she spills a whole tray of drinks over Sheikh Basam. Amber’s supervisor is furious and tells her she’s finished. But the sheikh has other ideas. Pulling her aside, he gives her a proposition.

Be his girlfriend for seven days. All she has to do is pretend to be in love with him and dissolve any idea of marriage between him and another woman, Maram, who is perfect for the role as his wife, if only he was attracted to her.

Of course Amber isn’t interested…until he tells her to name her price. Hope fills her from the inside out. Her brother’s gambling could be paid off for just seven days of inconvenience.

It seems too good to be true.

But without risk there is no reward.

All she has to do is keep her heart intact. Easy, right?


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